Cisco Switch Matrix

Daniel Corbe corbe at
Thu Aug 7 17:00:45 UTC 2014

I can't think of anything like this off the top of my head but here's
what I would do if I were in a pinch and trying to put configurations

Find someone who sells (or resells) Cisco gear professionally.  They'll
help you identify equipment which is appropriate for your build.  


Shawn L <shawnl at> writes:

> Has anyone seen a good matrix of Cisco switches and their port-types, etc?
> I'm looking for something where I can say 'I need a switch with X 10-gig
> ports and Y 1-gig sfp ports, which models meet that criteria?'
> I know I can look through all of the data sheets at cisco's website, but
> there has to be a better way to see the specs of a large array of switches
> at a glance.
> thanks

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