Muni Fiber and Politics

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Subject: Re: Muni Fiber and Politics Date: Fri, Aug 01, 2014 at 07:40:50AM +0200 Quoting Mark Tinka (mark.tinka at
> On Thursday, July 31, 2014 02:01:28 PM Måns Nilsson wrote:
> > It is better, both for the customer and the provider.
> If the provider is able to deliver 1Gbps to every home 
> (either on copper or fibre) with little to no uplink 
> oversubscription (think 44x customer-facing Gig-E ports + 4x 
> 10Gbps uplink ports), essentially, there is no limit to what 
> services a provider and its partners can offer to its 
> customers.

Oh, yes, there is. Multicast? IPv6? Both CAN be done, but probably
won't. Dark fibre to CO is the only way to be sure. As long as that is
possible, perhaps mandated by regulation, there's no major issue with
providing a packaged service.

In the end, though, if we get the quality of Internet access up to
sensible levels (today minimum of a /56 and 100Mbit symmetric and no
stupid peering wars ;-) there are few reasons not to bundle L1-L3. 

However, given the nature of monopolies and their tendency to underperform
and overcharge, that is an optimisation dream...

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