Muni Fiber and Politics

Owen DeLong owen at
Sat Aug 2 17:29:41 UTC 2014

I thought JRA was asking about the upstream cost. 


> On Aug 2, 2014, at 0:43, Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at> wrote:
>> On Friday, August 01, 2014 07:17:24 PM Jay Ashworth wrote: 
>> So we'll assume we could get 4 for 22k to make the
>> arithmetic easy, and that means if we can put 44 people
>> on that, that the MRC cost is 500 dollars a month for a
>> gigabit. That is clearly not consumer pricing. Was
>> consumer pricing the assertion?
> I think Owen's pricing is based on 10Gbps router ports 
> (Owen, correct me if I'm wrong).
> This is not the only way to sell 10Gbps services.
> Having said that, in context of home broadband, I was 
> referring to AN's (Access Nodes), particularly based on 
> Active-E (you don't generally place consumer customers 
> directly on to 10Gbps router ports).
> The 10Gbps ports on an Active-E AN are in the same 1U 
> chassis as the 44x Gig-E ports. And depending on how many 
> you buy from vendors for your Access network, you can get 
> pretty decent deals with good return if you get great uptake 
> and have a sweet price point.
> Mark.

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