Muni Fiber and Politics

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> This would be my humble suggestion:
> - lines provider runs fibre pair from each home to co. By
> default the lines provider installs a simple consumer
> terminal, with gigabit Ethernet outputs and POTS.
> - lines provider provides a reasonably oversubscribed
> service to soft hand over to ISPs (think 96 Gbps lines
> to 2 10gbps ports). Perhaps upgrading so such a ratio
> never becomes congested could be a requirement?
> -  lines provider also rents individual lines to ISPs
> which they can use directly. Rent should be lower than
> soft handover.
> This way ISPs can easily offer services. POTS over VoIP
> can be setup on installation of the terminal (so
> handover to the ISP is seamless). Finally business and
> residential services can also be provided over the fibre
> directly (this will be attractive to ISPs with many
> ports, to reduce costs, and premium/business ISPs to add
> control).
> - ideally the lines provider would aid in providing cheap
> backhaul from the co (while still allowing 3rd party
> users to bring fibre in).

Wholesale mode. Doable.

Works best if the lines provider is not a service provider; 
or regulation in your market ensures a service provider who 
is also a lines provider is mandated to unbundle at 
reasonable cost.

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