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Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Fri Aug 1 05:52:29 UTC 2014

On Thursday, July 31, 2014 07:10:49 PM Owen DeLong wrote:

> You are still misinterpreting my statement, or at least
> it appears that you are.

The pleasures of e-mail, and tones they do not convey :-)...

> I am not saying that Netflix is attempting to “grab”.

Yes, that's what I meant - by "grab them" I meant the 
traditional ISP's who are also in the content game (U-Verse, 
Xfinity, FiOS, e.t.c.) are making a deliberate or 
unconscious play to "grab" Netflix (where grab means either 
frustrate them or take them out of the equation).

So yes, we are on the same page, Owen; the lack of body in 
e-mail is not either of us justice :-). 

But, like I said, all this is conjecture on my part. Netflix 
may not have the might or time to become an ISP, but other 
networks that play in content (and are currently not known 
for being ISP's, even though they may run very large global 
IP networks) might.

> (Netflix is also a distributor, not owner).

I'm aware - it's easier for me to say "content owner" to 
encompass that industry (given some content players own and 
distribute content, while others simply distribute it), but 
I know this list is well clued in on the nuances of the 

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