We hit half-million: The Cidr Report

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Apr 29 18:06:06 UTC 2014

On Apr 28, 2014, at 6:59 PM, Patrick W. Gilmore <patrick at ianai.net> wrote:

> Composed on a virtual keyboard, please forgive typos. 
>> On Apr 28, 2014, at 19:41, Chris Boyd <cboyd at gizmopartners.com> wrote:
>>> On Apr 28, 2014, at 2:27 AM, Andy Davidson wrote:
>>> .... now aggregate it back down again, please. :-)
>> I'm in the middle of a physical move.  I promise I'll take the 3 deagg'd /24s out as soon as I can.
> Do not laugh. If everyone who had 3 de-agg'ed prefixes fixed it, the table would drop precipitously. We all have to do our part. 

If everyone who had 30+ inaggregable IPv4 prefixes replaced them with 1 (or even 3) IPv6 prefixes…

As a bonus, we could get rid of NAT, too. ;-)

/me ducks (but you know I had to say it)


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