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Mon Apr 28 09:34:43 UTC 2014

So L3 and earlier, cogent peer settlement free with Comcast and Netflix
maxes out these peerings while they're there. What then?
On 28-Apr-2014 3:02 pm, "Jean-Francois Mezei" <jfmezei_nanog at>

> On 14-04-27 02:23, Rick Astley wrote:
> > Sort of yes, it's Comcasts problem to upgrade subscriber lines but if
> that
> > point of congestion is the links between Netflix and Comcast then Netflix
> > would be on the hook to ensure they have enough capacity to Comcast to
> get
> > the data at least gets TO the Comcast network.
> Netflix has no business paying Comcast. It offers caching appliances,
> and CDN distribution which can be either inside Comcast's network, or
> close enough to peer with.  So Netflix not only pays for its own
> connection to the internet, but also manages to pay for transit right up
> to major ISPs.
> Comcast has no business billing its suppliers. It is in business to bill
> its retail customers.
> Now, if Netflix were to charge more to Comcast customers and make a note
> of this before every program starts "you are paying more because you are
> on Comcast", you might see Comcast rethink its anti-competitive practice.

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