The FCC is planning new net neutrality rules. And they could enshrine pay-for-play. - The Washington Post

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> In my neighborhood, Comcast has a monopoly on coax cable tv and HFC
> internet services. There are no regulations that support that
> monopoly. Another company could, theoretically, apply, receive
> permits, and build out a second cable system if they wanted to.
> However, the population density is such that even if that company
> captured 50% of the market, it would merely make the market
> economically unviable for both companies.
> In such instances, you do indeed have “natural monopolies” which are
> an economic construct, not a regulatory artifact.

And if this were not true, Verizon wouldn't have agitated to get it made
illegal in 19 states for the local municipality to be the owner of that
"natural monopoly" transport network; see also my month long thread on 
that topic and it's second and third order resultants in late 2012.

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