Pluggable Coherent DWDM 10Gig

Edward Salonia ed at
Tue Apr 22 15:19:14 UTC 2014

Not sure what platform you are working with but does the ONS-SC+-10G-C ppm help in your situation?

Check out:

- Ed

On Apr 21, 2014, at 14:57, Tim Durack <tdurack at> wrote:

As a follow up, I did not miss a zero. TenGig. If you want to know why:

(I'll take 100Gig once I can get the optics for less than the cost of a
v.nice sports car...)

> On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 2:42 PM, Tim Durack <tdurack at> wrote:
> Anyone know if pluggable coherent DWDM 10Gig optics exist? (I'm finding no
> such thing.)
> How about narrow-band/filtered receive 10Gig optics? (Inline FBG filter
> receive side might be doable?)
> --
> Tim:>
> p.s. Before you ask, DTAG Terastream has got me thinking...


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