ID10T out of office responders

Daniël W. Crompton daniel.crompton at
Fri Apr 11 07:49:28 UTC 2014

My experience shows that when things go wrong there is usually an amplified
feedback loop between your mail server and the remote, so ensure that any
header you set is one that you drop too.

This is also why the mighty [email protected] was thought up, which simply drops
all mail. It might be crude, but it's effective.


Excuse my brevity, I'm using a mobile device
On Apr 11, 2014 9:30 AM, "Larry Sheldon" <LarrySheldon at> wrote:

> On 4/11/2014 2:16 AM, Tei wrote:
>> So....
>> Suppose I configure my email to send a "Thanks, we have received your
>> email, we will reply shortly in office hours.". Whats the Holy Headers
>> so even poorly configured servers don't cause a AutoReply Storm?
>> Googling, I found "Precedence", "X-Auto-Response-Suppress",..?     For
>> something like this, normally I would scan lots of opensource projects
>> in  (so I can learn from the projects with
>> a large number of hours in production)  , but seems down at the
>> moment.
> Any device or process that uses information from the infinitely forgeable
> email headers is a process or device that can be subverted.
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> Ex turpi causa non oritur actio      Infallibility, and the ability to
>                                         learn from their mistakes.
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