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Jac Kloots Jac.Kloots at
Tue Apr 8 09:24:07 UTC 2014

Hi Mark,

On Thu, 3 Apr 2014, Mark Tinka wrote:

> On Thursday, April 03, 2014 02:22:44 AM Randy Bush wrote:
>> and, btw, how many of those whose prefixes were
>> mis-originated had registered those prefixes in the
>> rpki?
> It is probably a bit of a hammer at this stage, but we are
> in limited deployment of dropping all Invalids using RPKI.
> We shall be rolling out, network-wide, in 2014, where all
> Invalids are dropped. At this stage, short of a mis-
> origination, it's mostly longer prefixes of an aggregate
> that are not ROA'd.

Great to hear more people are planning on dropping all Invalids.

We (SURFnet, AS1103) are in the same position and I wrote an article about 
the evaluation we did before deciding on dropping invalids 

I would encourage more people to do a similar analysis and start using a 
RPKI routing policy and start dropping invalids.

Only when people start using RPKI the way it is proposted to 
(  we _all_ can benefit from this.



Jac Kloots
Network Services
SURFnet bv

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