Recommendation on NTP appliances/devices

Rob Seastrom rs at
Fri Apr 4 02:25:07 UTC 2014

On a tangential note, it's all very nice to say "We have brand X and
like them", but I'd be curious to hear from folks who have deployed at
least four divergent brands with non-overlapping GPS chip sets and
software [*] to keep a conspiracy of errors from causing the time to
suddenly be massively incorrect.  Not that this has ever happened in
the past in a single vendor configuration [cough].

Along the same lines I'm troubled by the lack of divergent sources
these days - everything seems slaved to GPS either directly or
indirectly (might be nice to have stuff out there that got its time
exclusively via Galileo or Glonass).  The sole exception that I can
think of offhand is that I have an office within ground wave of WWVB,
which would be a tasty ingredient.  GOES is gone.  LORAN is defunded.
And so it goes; all our eggs are in one basket.

I've thought about posting this request to the NTP developers list,
but maybe someone who's an operator and actually cares about keeping
the byzantine generals sequestered from each other has solved this
problem recently.



[*] to the extent possible; I'm sure that there's a lot of reference
implementation DNA floating around out there)

Berry Mobley <berry at> writes:

> We have symmetricom (now microsemi) and are very happy with them, but we use the roof mounted gps antennas. They will peer with public ntp severs if that would work for you. 
> David Hubbard <dhubbard at> wrote:
>>Anyone have recommendations on NTP appliances; i.e. make, model, gps vs
>>cell, etc.?  Roof/outdoor/window access not available.  Would ideally
>>need to be able to handle bursts of up to a few thousand simultaneous
>>queries.  Needs IPv6 support.

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