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Back about ten years and three companies ago when I was a baby System
Administrator, I made that mistake.  Suffice it to say that I HIGHLY
recommend looking for the "authorized reseller" (and getting SMARTNet
up-front--if nothing else, that process will generally reliably inform you
as to Cisco's opinion of your reseller and/or the gear they're selling)
Josh Sholes

On 4/3/14, 1:46 PM, "Steven Fischer" <sfischer1967 at> wrote:

>Another point to consider when purchasing Cisco gear - there is a
>difference between a "reseller", and an "Authorized Reseller".  Without
>going into specifics, I had experience with a previous customer that
>purchased Cisco gear from a "reseller" - all
>On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 1:26 PM, Michael Brown
><michael at>wrote:
>> On 14-04-03 12:44 PM, Laurent CARON wrote:
>> > I bought a C3750G-12S which is now end of sale on cisco website. This
>> > device is now defective.
>> >
>> > Since I bought it from a reseller and not directly from cisco, cisco
>> > is refusing to take it under warranty and tells me to have the
>> > reseller take care of it.
>> >
>> > The reseller doesnt wan't to hear about this device since it is end of
>> > sale.
>> Did you purchase SMARTnet when you bought the device? If you didn't,
>> you're probably SOL.
>> > According to cisco website, end of sale means the device is still
>> > covered for 5 years.
>> This is not base warranty - this is potential coverage. Base warranty is
>> 90 days:
>> > My question is: Is it normal for my supplier to refuse to take it
>> > under warranty?
>> See above.
>> > Is there (from your experience) a chance I might get cisco to deal
>> > with it ?
>> Not likely.
>> Specific information for this product's EOL is here:
>> You'll need to have a service contract associated with the device
>> (SMARTnet).
>> Unfortunately for you, from that page:
>> End of New Service Attachment Date: January 30, 2014
>> "For equipment and software that is not covered by a service-and-support
>> contract, this is the last date to order a new service-and-support
>> contract or add the equipment and/or software to an existing
>> service-and-support contract."
>> So if you don't already have SMARTnet, you're probably out of luck.
>> M.
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