BGPMON Alert Questions

joel jaeggli joelja at
Wed Apr 2 22:21:23 UTC 2014

On 4/2/14, 11:59 AM, Justin M. Streiner wrote:

> Two things need to happen:
> 1. Indosat needs to clean their mess up.
> 2. Indosat's upstreams need to apply some BGP clue to Indosat's
> announcements.
> It's pretty clear that both parties have dropped the ball in a big way,
> in terms of sane BGP filtering practices.

actually that's no at all clear.

it looked like the filtering worked rather well. certainly as a customer
of many of 4761s transit providers I did not see any of them pick up
this advertisement in asia.

the impact was limited even when it began, and it should be largely over.

One of the things it says as that this sort of announcement is highly
visible to the monitoring infrastructure, which is rather good to know.

> jms

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