BGPMON Alert Questions

Chris Burton chris.burton at
Wed Apr 2 19:17:27 UTC 2014

This seems to be occurring to many, I have two of my prefixes being
announced by the same AS's, and I have confirmation from several others who
are seeing this as well.


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On 4/2/14, 11:51, Joseph Jenkins wrote:
> So I setup BGPMON for my prefixes and got an alert about someone in 
> Thailand announcing my prefix.  Everything looks fine to me and I've 
> checked a bunch of different Looking Glasses and everything announcing 
> correctly.
> I am assuming I should be contacting the provider about their 
> misconfiguration and announcing my prefixes and get them to fix it.  
> Any other recommendations?

Same here for one of my /21s. Origin of AS4761 through AS4651.


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