Radware vs Arbor

Fabien Delmotte fdelmotte1 at mac.com
Fri Sep 27 09:05:36 UTC 2013


Maybe you can see what A10 Networks is doing. They build a new product dedicated to DDOS.



Le 26 sept. 2013 à 18:47, Tempest <tempestterror at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Doing a bunch of research, and I can't find a meaningful comparison of
> these two products.  Work for a carrier, and I am looking at implementing a
> DDoS mitigation service that we can sell to our customers.  Radware is
> cheaper, but I am seeing a lot of noise in various forums that makes me
> question their viability for what we need.  Arbor has most of the market,
> and I assume there is good reason for it.  Both companies seem to be very
> deceptive about how they compare to the other.  Anyone out there with good
> hands on experience that can compare?  Not interested in input from either
> company, we get plenty of that already.  Good experience, or links to good
> write ups would be excellent...
> Davis B.

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