minimum IPv6 announcement size

Nathanael C. Cariaga nccariaga at
Wed Sep 25 02:03:52 UTC 2013

Hi All,

Thank you for these insights.  We'll look into all of these and review 
again our options on how we can further proceed in our IPv6 deployment.



On 9/25/2013 2:33 AM, William Herrin wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 9:49 AM, Nathanael C. Cariaga
> <nccariaga at> wrote:
>> I've been Google-ing about if there is such a standard that sets the minimum
>> IPv6 advertisement on BGP.  My concern is that I am running a network that
>> is operating on multiple sites and currently rolling out our IPv6 on the
>> perimeter level.  Having to get our /48 allocation from our RIR, I figured
>> out I would it would be best for us to break down the /48 into smaller
>> chunks (i.e /56s) and farm it out to our sites since a single /48 will be
>> very big for our single site.
> Hi Nathanael,
> Many if not most networks set a limit at /48. Verizon was the last
> player of consequence to filter at /32, and they moved to /48 a couple
> years ago. A few also try to limit advertisements within ISP space
> nearer to /32. Usually not at /32, but a /48 announcement within space
> allocated to an ISP won't necessarily be honored.
> If you have distinct networks with distinct routing policies (or can
> make a reasonable claim to such) and your RIR is ARIN, you can request
> a block size large enough to provide a /48 to each distinct network. A
> /44 or whatever. Search through the ARIN NRPM for details. I don't
> know about the other RIRs; someone in your region (Asia Pacific?) will
> know.
> Regards,
> Bill Herrin

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