iOS 7 update traffic

Joe Greco jgreco at
Tue Sep 24 01:36:30 UTC 2013

> That's just the typical Bittorrent /client/, but the idea of using
> Bittorrent means the /protocol/. A special Bittorrent client could be
> written for ISPs with uploads disabled and Apple could also disable them
> on the update-downloading Bittorrent client for the phones.
> The clients (be it Bittorrent or not) would still download the MD5 hash
> after the download finishes to verify the integrity of the download, and
> Apple would still be able to measure the amount of downloaded images.

So then all the networks that have done $things to BitTorrent to demote it
to second-rate traffic will suddenly have a bunch of very angry Apple fans
whose downloads are mysteriously having issues.

And then - assuming you intend for more things than just Apple to go this
route - all the CDN's would need to be redesigned to support BT too.

It seems like it'd be simpler for Apple to figure out how to validate a
partial download and then resume.  It isn't like that would be cutting 
edge technology.  I think I might even have seen it happen before.

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