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> On Thu, 19 Sep 2013, Paul Ferguson wrote:
> > Can someone please explain to a non-Apple person what the hell happened
> > that started generating so much traffic? Perhaps I missed it in this
> > thread, but I would be curious to know what iOS 7 implemented that
> > caused this...
> The IOS7 upgrade is ~750 megabyte download for the phones/pods, and ~950
> megabytes for ipad. There are quite a few devices out there times
> these amounts to download...

It  wasn't sinister, Ferg, it was *stupid*.  *They announced the release 
date and time*.  Everyone's phone has a "check for release now" button,
and yet they believed that only *push notifying* phones in waves would be 
enough to prevent what happened.

See also: screwed the pooch.

This went out, what, last Weds and Thu?  I had half a dozen people from
all different environments ask me "why's the Internet broke today?" on
release day.  There was a consumer-visible impact from this absolutely
asinine release engineering project on Apple's part.

You don't announce the exact release time, and you don't even *make the
release visible to all devices at the same time* since Twitter.

This is apparently their first rodeo.  We should take pains to make it
their last.  As an anti-Apple guy, I resent having my stuff screwed up
because of it.

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