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> > Hi Jared.
> >
> >> The attitude in this email I have encountered elsewhere.  Apple pays
> >> for bandwidth, customers pay for access. Not sure why their release
> >> strategy is so highly critiqued.
> >
> > Because it impacts other, non-Apple customers.  Or, it costs the ISP
> more
> > (passed through to all customers) to add capacity to handle an
> infrequent peak
> > load.
> >
> > Question/suggestion:  Could Apple perhaps shift their release to a
> Saturday
> > morning?  I would think that this would go a long way to diluting the
> peak.
> >
> > John
> >
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> I think there's a lot that could be done when looking at how to shift
> this.
> I've seen one other carrier privately talk to me about the impact and
> possible impacts to their network.  Most of these are folks (along with
> warren) who are worried about their RF budgets and these event traffic,
> or even just the nightly traffic peaks.
> I have advised some in the past to put up caches, but the content owners
> also make it difficult to do this.  Apple sets very short expire values,
> and you end up with lots of "bad" settings.  Apple devices don't honor
> DHCP option 252 either.

Oh you mean that option that never made it past a internet-draft
that expired 13 years ago[1] and is in the private range[2] to boot.

If you want proxy discovery to work on all devices complete the
process of getting a code point allocated then get the OS vendors
to query for it.  252 is fine for experimenting / proof of concept
but it really is the wrong value for long term use.



> This means you're stuck with a transparent proxy, (lets just say squid)
> putting itself in all tcp/80 traffic, or worse with lots of settings
> like: reload-into-ims override-expire etc..
> This can solve some problems for those who have a 20-50Mb/s link to the
> internet and 50-100 customers each getting 1Mb/s+ on their CPE.
> The results I've always seen are you need to find the strategic location
> to deploy these caches, capabilities or expand your network bandwidth,
> etc..
> Based on all the recent people asking for a fast link in "X" location
> recently, I'm hoping there will be some better match-making happening
> soon.
> - Jared

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