iOS 7 update traffic

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Thu Sep 19 22:29:28 UTC 2013

Your software updates (you meaning a user of the Internet) should not affect my experience. I'm not advocating we go back to 5.25 floppies and never look back. I'm asking..

Is there a way for a COMPUTER and PHONE manufacturer to distribute their software without destroying most last mile connectivity?

Who else has had traffic surges like this?
And who else has a Nanog strike team coming in screaming buy more bandwidth? ;)

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> On 09/19/2013 12:06 PM, Ryan Harden wrote:
>> As a side note, how are some of you not aware of this? This has happened with every single Apple OS update since the iPhone was released in 2007.
> The difference is there are now a "couple" more million devices out there than there were in 2007. And in 2007 there was just the one phone, now you have tablets and what have you.

The effect has been relatively the same regardless of how many iDevices there are. Network Operators have seen spikes during Apple OS releases since they started. The only leeway I'll give you is that the original iPhone only supported 802.11b. With .11n and someday .11ac, the ability for these devices to consume data at a faster rate is also increasing.

>> This isn't a new phenomenon. I realize some of you are too cool for Apple
> Lame low ball remark, however I thought it was the opposite, Apple==coolness?

This was in no way meant to be a lowball remark. But it doesn't take much searching to find people exclaiming how they have zero Apple devices or how they don't pay attention to Apple's "iJunk". I assumed (probably mistakenly) that the lack of knowing this is going to happen roughly 2-3 times a year was due to being 'too cool' to keep up with the stuff Apple puts out.

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