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I'm willing and open to hear anyone who has successfully had that conversation with their users.

When network congestion occurs, we typically see a mass exodus from whatever website was being used to Speedtest.. You know.. Just to make sure the internets are fast. I'm trying to highlight a point that not all of us have studly 1gbps connections to Akamai. Some of us have to move data into orbit and back.. Some of us are not like the rest of you. These types of situations should not happen in general.. We live in the future. This is like sending a bulk fax to every user on a switch, and when the other users get busy signals I somehow need to realign my view of reality.

A single Internet point or software update should not cause all of this discussion. You guys are collectively posting hundreds of gbps for basically a single software update, and comparing it to point releases from vendors.

Why do I feel like many of you are spoiled with all of this cheap and fast bandwidth? Do you guys not remember your 9600bps modem?

Many of you would have suffered heart failure if I sent you a 100mb file only 10 years ago. Keep that in mind.. Not everyone has their Internet coming off the end of an sfp.

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On Thu, 19 Sep 2013 19:18:29 -0000, Warren Bailey said:

Reversing a few paragraphs to make a point.

> We strive to provide a great customer experience, and when "Hardware Maker
> X" decides to roll updates .. It can screw us. In this case, can means
> absolutely will happen.

> I mean, would it be THAT hard to enable a bonjour update server on an
> apple router/computer/whatever and serve things up locally from there?
> I've had many replies to this email already, and people are talking about
> upgrading bandwidth and CDN's

So why didn't you?

> Things are not created equal amongst internet providers, a transponder
> (90mbps ish) runs us close to 160k a month and that's not including gear
> costs, teleport, etc.

And you pay Apple *how* much to guarantee that they don't do things that
upset the business model you consciously chose to use?  Oh, you don't
pay them?  And your users pay *you* to ensure that when they hit 'Download',
that magical things happen?  And iOS downloads are user pulls, not Apple

Sounds to me like you and your users need to have a chat about what they
pay for and what their expectations should be.....

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