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Thu Sep 19 20:08:03 UTC 2013

I certainly don't want to put words in his mouth, but I thin Warren's
problem is that he can't upgrade his pipes.  Physics limits the bandwidth
available, as I think he is a satellite provider.  My argument is that if
I'm a satellite user I should be well aware, particularly because this is
not a new phenomenon, that there are times when my bandwidth will suck.
It is what it is.

On 9/19/13 3:06 PM, "Ryan Harden" <hardenrm at> wrote:

>To be honest, I don't see this as a problem at all. Use it as an excuse
>to upgrade your pipes, talk Akamai or CDN of choice into putting a cache
>on your network, or implement your own caching solution. As operators of
>the Internet we should be looking for ways to enable things like this,
>not be up in arms at Apple for releasing an update to their phone OS or
>making it available in a way that's inconvenient to our oversubscription
>As a side note, how are some of you not aware of this? This has happened
>with every single Apple OS update since the iPhone was released in 2007.
>This isn't a new phenomenon. I realize some of you are too cool for
>Apple, but paying attention to traffic trends and keeping abreast of how
>new software releases might affect your utilization is part of properly
>running a network.
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>On Sep 19, 2013, at 1:22 PM, Warren Bailey
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>> I own a galaxy note 2..tmo ran an update that pushed to unique IMEI's
>>sequentially. That way, you do not..
>> 1. Murder your last mike packet network, which is your bandwidth
>> 2. Murder your ggsn/whateverpacketnodeyouwant closer to the core.
>> 3. Anger your paying customers who would like to use packet data
>>successfully on an ios download day.
>> These people (Apple) represent themselves as smart guys, but their
>>actions reflect otherwise. I bet this would be a larger deal to Nanog
>>people if your Internet stopped working as the result of 100% Linux
>>adoption. That is very close to what this is.. Tens of millions of
>>people trying to update their 13 ios devices at the same time. Who owns
>>a single ios device? A household could do 5-10gb worth of updates in a
>>single day..
>> I personally do not own an ios device, and I see close to 3 gigs worth
>>of update traffic at my house. These things are everywhere, and this
>>problem will not stop.
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>> On Thu, 19 Sep 2013, Warren Bailey wrote:
>>> Why does apple feel it is okay to send every mobile device an update
>>>on a single day?
>> They don't, these are users who actively goes into the software upgrade
>> menu and pressing "upgrade".
>> I believe the nagging won't start for quite some time.
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