iOS 7 update traffic

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Thu Sep 19 18:44:15 UTC 2013

Good example of the flash crowds post hockey championship It's not all
butterflies, Abley.. LOL

On 9/19/13 11:42 AM, "Joe Abley" <jabley at> wrote:

>On 2013-09-19, at 14:11, Warren Bailey
><wbailey at> wrote:
>> I don't see how operators could tolerate this, honestly. I can't think
>>of a single provider who does not oversubscribe their access platform...
>>Which leads me to this question :
>> Why does apple feel it is okay to send every mobile device an update on
>>a single day?
>How is this different from the flash crowds caused by hockey
>championships, or football games, or any of the other things that
>generate a lot of simultaneous interest every once in a while?
>> Never mind the fact that we are we ones on the last mile responsible
>>for getting it to their customers, 1gb per sub is pretty serious.. Why
>>are they not caching at their head ends, dslams, etc?
>Given that the code is signed, I'm surprised that iDevices that have
>already upgraded the hard way don't advertise a "update available"
>service on local networks. Individual devices don't care where the
>updates come from, so long as the signatures are good.
>You'd think that'd have the potential to improve the user experience as
>well as avoid jamming the tubes, especially in highly multi-user
>environments like university campuses; it could probably halve the
>network load in a significant number of home networks, too.

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