common method to count traffic volume on IX

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Sep 19 00:32:05 UTC 2013

>> somehow, a serious case of testosterone poisoning combined with insane
>> goal drift has hit a number of the large european exchanges.  instead of
>> the goal being how well they serve their local communities, they have
>> gone wild with sleazy means of having traffic contests, doing really
>> sick attempts at techno-colonial expansion into foreign countries and
>> continents, ...  instead of running a public service, they think they
>> are running competitive commercial enterprises.  imiho, the members
>> should be up in arms.
>> if you are jealous of commercial expansion, then send your resume to
>> equinix.  sheesh!
> Wow Randy, you really misunderstand the situation in Europe and the 
> reasons behind the horizon expansions, and I'm surprised by your 
> advocacy of American hegemony in a market where that really doesn't 
> exist (those of independent not-for-profit internet exchanges).

yes, the american hegemony in angola, kenya, hong kong, ...  you gotta
love the amsix hkg charlie foxtrot.

trying to open up the us market by going to the states to enter it is a
fun adventure.  but as it's a rather crowded market, it's not for the
faint of heart.  but it is a market that would benefit from a bit more
competition.  and puhleeze get more competition into tokyo, jeez!

but i think it is crazy for a local european exchange to take on the
white man's burden of exporting freedom to virginia (or wherever),
especially without bombing it first.


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