Internet Surveillance and Boomerang Routing: A Call for Canadian Network Sovereignty

Rob Seastrom rs at
Tue Sep 10 23:05:09 UTC 2013

William Waites <wwaites at> writes:

> Is this a good or a bad thing? I can remember back when there was a
> project in the 'states called Carnivore, and we had some American
> police -- I believe they were FBI -- come up and ask us politely if
> we'd like to put some of their machines on our network. Everybody
> pretty much uniformly said no. Shortly thereafter an American carrier
> showed up selling gigabit ethernet circuits to NYC for well below what
> was the going rate at the time and effectively pulled a lot of traffic
> that would otherwise have remained in country across the border.

More attributable to the unintended consequences of some of the more
draconian parts of
than of Carnivore, actually.  :)


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