AlbertaIX - no longer a Cybera project?

William F. Maton Sotomayor wmaton at
Mon Sep 9 12:06:24 UTC 2013

On Sat, 7 Sep 2013, Theo de Raadt wrote:

> Mike Leber wrote:
>> Facility and parties willing, hopefully there will be a YYCIX switch in
>> Cybera.
> Interesting idea, how the heck did I miss that.

Indeed, if multiple IX pops in any given locale makes sense, then it is 
worth pursuing - providing there is a benefactor willing to aid in the 
cross connect between the pops or an economic model enabling the IXP to do 
it itself.

> In Canada, the other collision preventing exchanges from showing up is
> the CANARIE content peering model, which by providing free content
> access to schools and such takes many (young bandwidth hungry)
> eyeballs out of the equation for IX development and growth:

This isn't a new idea actually.  It was first proposed on the CANARIE 
techs mailing list way back in mid-2000 I believe.  In any case it is a 
replication of the Internet2 CDS effort.  Not sure how well this has 
caught on, but since CANARIE are now charging user fees, it remains to be 
seen how far it goes.

> Time for change?

There once was a proposal back in the day that CANARIE POPs should be 
co-located at either universities (offering a neutral venue for everyone) 
or at least with other IXPs....Oh, what IXPs?  The idea quickly evolved to 
CANARIE establishing some IXPs but this was very quickly shot down (IIRC) 
by the then CANARIE board as it was seen to be interference by CANARIE in 
municipal affairs - because back then municipal dark fibre builds were all 
the rage.  WHET those BTW?

In any case, I did persuade CANARIE to peer to at least one IXP in Canada 
to pick peering instead of doing a backhaul for all the peerings into the 
USA.  My little bit of contribution to the IXP cause.  However, given the 
science and academic population in CANARIE's network, I do know it is felt 
in some quarters to be of no real benefit to peer at IXPs.


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