Yahoo is now recycling handles

Keith Medcalf kmedcalf at
Sat Sep 7 23:34:36 UTC 2013

> > There's still the much more minor point that when I tried to "self
> > serve" I ended up at a blank page on the Yahoo! web site, hopefully
> > they will figure that out as well.
> I'm continually amazed at the number of web designers that don't test
> their pages with NoScript enabled.  Just sayin'.

The whole point of putting JavaScript (and other similar smegma) on a Web Page where it is not needed is to prevent people with smegma filters from being to access the page, and to suggest in no uncertain terms that these people take their business (and their money) elsewhere.

Same applies to Flash.  Take your business elsewhere.  There is no point in complaining about it.  Sometimes, it is a deliberate feature which is deliberately used to attack the visitors of a web site.  Prime example is the DHS.

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