The US government has betrayed the Internet. We need to take it back

Sam Moats sam at
Sat Sep 7 12:32:44 UTC 2013

I'm sorry if you don't share my view. Personally I think the Patriot 
Act is unconsitutional
and CALEA is a tool to enable the total invasion of privacy. I think
the laws need changed, I want to change. That said I will not break 
them and neither will you.

How would/does your company respond to NSLs or subpoenas? Do you comply 
FCC 499 requirements and with CALEA requirements? I do, and I'm betting 
you will to.

Does it suck? Yea of course it does but unless you have a better plan 
for a US based provider
I will keep doing what I'm doing.


On 2013-09-06 18:29, Scot Weeks wrote:
> --- sam at wrote:
> From: Sam Moats <sam at>
> There only options are to:
> Disobey the law, unacceptable in my opinion
> Close down services, noble but I need to eat and you probably want to
> keep getting email
> Compromise your principles and obey the law, the path often choosen.
> ----------------------------------------
> So, there's no choice except to get a 5-gallon bucket of gov't-ky
> jelly and take it?  So many things come to mind on your flag-waving
> emails, I can't think of what to say first.  And believe me, that's
> not usual...  ;-)  After a while, you'll become raw and probably
> change your mind.
> scott

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