The US government has betrayed the Internet. We need to take it back

Sholes, Joshua Joshua_Sholes at
Fri Sep 6 13:29:58 UTC 2013

>The answer is
>not much because I will not and can not break the law, it's unethical
>and wrong.

I invite you to consider the concept of civil disobedience--where the law
is unethical or wrong it can be argued that it's also unethical and wrong
to FOLLOW the law.

I haven't yet been placed in a position, and I doubt I will given the arc
of my career, where I would have to make the choice between enabling this
kind of surveillance quietly or blowing the whistle on it.   I hope, as I
imagine most of us do, that I'd choose to do the "right" thing (and
correctly determine which option is "right", which is probably the real

Josh Sholes

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