AlbertaIX - no longer a Cybera project?

Theo de Raadt deraadt at
Thu Sep 5 20:47:00 UTC 2013

On Sep 5, Chris Cappuccio wrote:
> I can't answer these questions, but it seems that the AlbertaIX chair, Bernard 
> Parkinson (Platinum Communications) resigned yesterday, and the AlbertaIX co-chair,
> Charles Taylor (City of Calgary) followed him by resigning too.
> I guess that leaves Bill Sandiford (CIRA) and Jean-Francois Amiot (Cybera) running
> the show??

That is a good question.

I am also a director on the AlbertaIX board, and don't have a clue
what is going on.  Most directors are being kept in the dark, while
others take unapproved action.  I should probably jump ship as well.

The last six months in AlbertaIX saw no discussions (or approval) for
any action plan.  Without votes, nothing can be built.  Now a new
chair has to be selected first.  Who will it be?

The entire organization also lacks documents.  The new game plan is to
follow YYCIX because of Hurricane Electric's arrival at the datacenter
which was (originally) the least preffered.  Or maybe the new plan is
to simply serve Cybera's interests through the re-use of seed money?
After all, Cybera also supplies the secretary.  I don't have answers,
though I've been asking questions since the beginning.

Things first went crazy in December when YYCIX was formed and
installed a switch within days.  Yes, as a local go-to-guy who wants
to see better net around here, I installed the equipment.  The schism
between AlbertaIX and YYCIX has been discussed before, so I need not
explain it here.

Recently, events again went crazy when Robin Windsor (CEO of Cybera,
the NPO local EDU provider) walked into an AlbertaIX board meeting and
withheld Alberta Government seed money from AlbertaIX for the purchase
of a switch --- unless I resign immediately.

(It was quite a battle getting that episode into the minutes).

The entire process was opaque and undemocratic from the start.

It was captured.

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