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I've got to apologize publicly to Yahoo! here as part of my issue was my own stupidity.  It appears in the past I've had multiple Yahoo! ID's and I was trying to use the wrong one, one that may have gone away a long time ago, rather than my still active ID.  Some helpful people at Yahoo got me straightened out on that point.  My apologies for disparaging Yahoo! when it was my own fault.

There's still the much more minor point that when I tried to "self serve" I ended up at a blank page on the Yahoo! web site, hopefully they will figure that out as well.

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> Apparently it was implemented by a group of low-bid programmers in a far off land.
> I have, err, had, a Yahoo! account I used for two things, getting e-mail from Yahoo! groups and accessing Flickr.  I was on Flickr not a two or three months ago to fix a picture someone noticed was in the wrong album.
> When I saw this I thought I should log in again to reset my one year ticker.  Off to and click sign in.
> Enter userid, enter password.
> Drops me to a CAPTCHA screen, that's odd, never seen that before, but ok.
> Enter CAPTCHA and it redirects me to "", which when reached from said CAPTCHA screen renders as a 100% blank page.
> That's some fine web coding.
> I went to the flickr site, tried to log in.  At least there it tells me my userid is in the process of being recycled.  No option to recover.
> Try creating a new account with the same userid, sorry, it's in use.
> So as far as I can tell:
>  - The must be inactive for one year is BS, and/or logging into Flickr didn't count in my case.
>  - No notifications are sent, so if you're a person who is there for things like Yahoo groups and forwards your e-mail elsewhere you may be using the service in a way that generates no logs.
>  - There is no way to get an account back that is in the recycling phase, which is frankly stupid.
> As a result Yahoo! has lost a Flickr and Groups member, and I'm not sure I see any reason to sign up again at this point.

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