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Mehmet Akcin mehmet at akcin.net
Wed Sep 4 18:27:23 UTC 2013

On Aug 31, 2013, at 4:44 AM, sten rulz <stenrulz at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am currently looking into a 10G router that will support the below
> requirements and hopefully not be too costly.  Do you know of any models to
> stay away due to issues or that you would recommend?
> - 4x+ 10GBE ports
> - BGPv4/v6
> - Small number of RU preferred
> - Support for 2-4 full routing tables
> - 2 10GBE ports down to switches
> - 2 10GBE for up-streams but would prefer more to support IXs.
> I have been looking into a few options including; Brocade CER 2024C-4X,
> Broacde MLXE-4 with 10Gx8-X, Juniper MX80, Cumulus Linux, etc.
> Some quick notes:
> - 4x 10GBE ports is a bit low for the Brocade CER
> - Not sure how the CER will handle a few routing tables and 10G+ traffic
> - The MLX and MX80 is very high costs from what I have seen
> - The MX80 has 4x 10GBE ports but at less allows an extra 4 via MIC
> - Decent number of real use case reviews for the MX80
> - Possibly use cumulus networks if there are any systems that meet the
> requirements

Juniper MX hands down. 


Visit the link and see different versions. I have MX240s fully populated ones(Dual RE/DPC-R etc). They rock.

> Thanks
> Steven

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