What routers do folks use these days?

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Fri Nov 29 06:37:13 UTC 2013

Hi Mikael,

> Some go for the new Sup2T for the 6500, but I don't know how much more CPU it has compared to your SUP/RSP720, perhaps someone else knows?

The Sup2T I worked on has:

 CPU: MPC8572_E, Version: 2.2, (0x80E80022)
 CORE: E500, Version: 3.0, (0x80210030)
 CPU:1500MHz, CCB:600MHz, DDR:600MHz

Compared to a Sup720:

 SR71000 CPU at 600Mhz, Implementation 0x504, Rev 1.2, 512KB L2 Cache

Needless to say, working on the Sup2T is wonderful compared to the Sup720 :-)


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