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On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 8:44 AM, Ray Soucy <rps at> wrote:

> Can confirm the current ER Lite is a plastic enclosure.
> But for $ 100 I can definitely look past that.

At that price point I'm not complaining.
However I do have a preference. ;)
And I do think that the metal cases are a better design - sturdier and
likely better heat dissipation.

> Also, most of the UBNT distributers seem to be very knowledgeable about
> the product line, so I'm sure they would know if you asked them :-)

Our rep had to do some digging...

He managed to tell me that the ERLite now has a metal case.  He did not
tell me whether they have any with metal enclosures.  But that's probably
hard for them to say though.

> We've been running XORP internally for about 100+ CPE devices (actually
> the ones we were looking at Vyatta as a replacement for).  In the end I
> think that moving to Quagga was a good thing for Vyatta as XORP doesn't
> have a very active developer community. XORP releases since 1.6 have been a
> forked code base that eventually became XORP 1.8.  It's very touchy, and
> requires quite a bit of operational experience to know what will cause it
> to crash and what won't.  The big thing you get with XORP that you don't
> with Quagga is multicast routing, and a more active community.  I've been
> really interested in BIRD [0] as well, but haven't had a chance to try it
> out.
BIRD is on my list too.

> Back to UBNT, though.  The ER makes use of a lot of non-free code (not so
> great), but it's to facilitate hardware acceleration (very nice).  A lot of
> functionality for IPv4 and IPv6 are both implemented in hardware, including
> not just forwarding and NAT, but also regex matching for DPI.  It's how
> they can get so much PPS for such a modest piece of hardware.  I believe
> the chips they use are from Cavium [1], but I could be mistaken.
> [0].
> [1].
Thanks for the informative discussion, Ray!   And others :)

//  SilverTip257  //

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