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Tue Nov 26 01:50:34 UTC 2013

On Nov 25, 2013, at 9:32 AM, Ray Soucy <rps at> wrote:

> It looks like Brocade has swapped out Quagga with IP Infusion's non-free
> version, ZebOS.  They also decided to abandon the FOSS Vyatta Core project.
> It's really unfortunate, as the FOSS project is the only reason I was
> interested in paying the licensing.  It was attractive to have Vyatta Core
> as a no-cost option for small things, and the subscription edition for
> higher visibility devices.  Now that they've moved away from having any
> FOSS project, I'm not really inclined to invest in the product, I'm sure
> there are others who feel the same way.
> There is a group of people who were active in the Vyatta community trying
> to get a fork of it going under the name VyOS,
> As far as Ubiquiti, it looks like about 2 years ago they actually hired a
> few people from Vyatta, Inc. to work on EdgeOS.  So development of EdgeOS
> has continued [and likely will continue] independently, though it looks
> like at least a few people from UBNT are interested in seeing VyOS happen
> and participating on their own time.  I know one of the early goals for
> VyOS is to get the documentation up on their Wiki and have a release of the
> current Vyatta Core with the name swapped out as a starting point.
> I really hope the VyOS project can get off the ground.  If any developers
> familiar with maintaining Debian-based distributions are on-list, I know
> the project is looking for people to help.

Interesting to read.  I have two Vyatta SE routers running on a small ISP network which have been performing flawless right up until I upgraded to 6.6 and then one of the routers started randomly dropping some BGP sessions once every few days or a week and then the entire BGP process hangs after a couple weeks.  The other router, with identical hardware and software, has had nary an issue.  It just keeps chugging along (It'll probably go down in a big show of smoke and flames tonight right about the time I fall asleep).  Vyatta support hasn't been able to make heads or tails of this as of yet.  The affected box had no issue prior to the upgrade.  Only a reboot has been able to get the router to function properly again.  I've also since upgraded the affected router to 6.6R3 at the advice of Vyatta TAC.  So far it shows a similar result.  Other services stay running, such as OSPF and OSPFv3, and it still routes packets.  It seems to otherwise work fine.  Has anyone else had strange issues with Vyatta 6.6?

Ryan Wilkins

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