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> It looks like Brocade has swapped out Quagga with IP Infusion's non-free
> version, ZebOS.  They also decided to abandon the FOSS Vyatta Core project.

A number of years back it was interesting to see Vyatta switch from XORP
[0] to Quagga.  I found out quite a while after they made the move.

This move by Brocade is unfortunate.

> It's really unfortunate, as the FOSS project is the only reason I was
> interested in paying the licensing.  It was attractive to have Vyatta Core
> as a no-cost option for small things, and the subscription edition for
> higher visibility devices.  Now that they've moved away from having any
> FOSS project, I'm not really inclined to invest in the product, I'm sure
> there are others who feel the same way.

> There is a group of people who were active in the Vyatta community trying
> to get a fork of it going under the name VyOS,

Thanks for pointing out VyOS.

> As far as Ubiquiti, it looks like about 2 years ago they actually hired a
> few people from Vyatta, Inc. to work on EdgeOS.  So development of EdgeOS
> has continued [and likely will continue] independently, though it looks
> like at least a few people from UBNT are interested in seeing VyOS happen
> and participating on their own time.  I know one of the early goals for
> VyOS is to get the documentation up on their Wiki and have a release of the
> current Vyatta Core with the name swapped out as a starting point.

For those of you that purchased EdgeRouter Lite (ERLite-3) [2] units
recently, do they come in plastic enclosure or the steel enclosure like the
EdgeRouter PoE (ERPoe-5) [3] units?  We got a few of each in at the office
at different times (first ERL and later ERPoe).  Just curious.

I guess I'm spoiled ... I like the metal case much better than the plastic
ones.  Once I saw the case of the PoE model and saw the new pictures [4]
for the ERL on Ubiquiti's site I've been holding out purchasing an ERL for
my home.  I should bug our distributor, but I doubt they'd know since they
aren't opening the boxes prior to shipment.

Although a commercial alternative, Mikrotik hardware (ex: RB750GL [1]) and
OS is attractive.  It appears all Mikrotik "integrated solutions" include
some sort of enclosure (see  The CLI takes some
getting used to, but the syntax makes sense after a while. ;)  There's also
a webui called webfig and a Windows client called Winbox.

> I really hope the VyOS project can get off the ground.  If any developers
> familiar with maintaining Debian-based distributions are on-list, I know
> the project is looking for people to help.
I hope VyOS project succeeds.


//  SilverTip257  //

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