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On 11/24/13, 7:43 AM, Mike wrote:
> On 13-11-23 10:47 PM, Eric C. Miller wrote:
>>> I'm using an EdgeRouter lite in a deployment for a WISP, and it's
>>> holding up very nice. It's only passing 40-50Mbps of basic OSPF
>>> routing, but no complaints thus far for the performance. I've
>>> heard that once you start adding in the services and rules, you
>>> really start to see the PPS drop, but I haven't RFC 2544 or
>>> EtherSam tested it yet.
>>> Right now, I'm waiting for the GUI to get more development before
>>> we move further with them. Being Vyatta under the hood, you can
>>> do just about anything, but the helpdesk techs don't understand
>>> CLI. Kudos on the IPv6 GUI support out of the box.
> +1 on the EdgeRouter.  I haven't regularly pushed one past 100M, but
> over the past 9 months all they have done is act boring, which is
> exactly what I want network equipment to do.
> PPS will be affected more by packet filtering rules than by
> services.

As the product software has matured, the ER Lite has gained quite a few 
performance improvements - just keep it updated  as new versions come 
out.  Recent example is the HW VLAN acceleration stuff.

I have two, one in service the other as a spare.  For the price, hard to 
go wrong.

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