Rob Seastrom rs at
Mon Nov 25 01:33:50 UTC 2013

Ray Soucy <rps at> writes:

> Pricing just popped up for the new EdgeRouter PRO last night and I was
> pretty blown away:
> $360
> For a device with 2 SFP ports, and 2M PPS.  That is music to my ears since
> we do a lot of dark fiber around the state even for smaller locations.  I'm
> pretty excited to get one of these and see how they perform.

Me too...  Will probably pony up for one as soon as I can.

I haven't tried out their software in a more than trivial
configuration, and haven't gotten IPv4 policy routing working (though
I understand it's in there now).  An ER-Lite tunnels IPv6 fine,
haven't tried it with PD...

> I feel like I'm at the risk for becoming a UBNT fanboy.  Does anyone have
> any qualified horror stories about EdgeMAX or UniFi?  Everything I've been
> able to find has been for nonsense configurations like complaining about
> trying to to OSPF over WiFi ... Who does that?

They are an unmitigated disaster at hitting dates and calibrating
expectations.  The EdgeRouter Pro has been on their web site for well
over a year.  The EdgeRouter Carrier (with 10ge SFP+) has disappeared
from their web site altogether.

I'm concerned about the Vyatta CLI docs and their continuing
availability.  Someone from Brocade should make some public statements
to set our collective minds at ease.

That said I've been reasonably happy with the UBNT stuff (mostly older
outdoor gear) that I've bought over the past several years.  It's held
up well.  Just don't count on the availability of anything that you
can't order up from your favorite VAR and have it show up in the


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