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On 13-11-23 10:47 PM, Eric C. Miller wrote:
> I'm using an EdgeRouter lite in a deployment for a WISP, and it's holding up very nice. It's only passing 40-50Mbps of basic OSPF routing, but no complaints thus far for the performance. I've heard that once you start adding in the services and rules, you really start to see the PPS drop, but I haven't RFC 2544 or EtherSam tested it yet.
> Right now, I'm waiting for the GUI to get more development before we move further with them. Being Vyatta under the hood, you can do just about anything, but the helpdesk techs don't understand CLI. Kudos on the IPv6 GUI support out of the box.
+1 on the EdgeRouter.  I haven't regularly pushed one past 100M, but
over the past 9 months all they have done is act boring, which is
exactly what I want network equipment to do.

PPS will be affected more by packet filtering rules than by services.

> From: Ray Soucy [mailto:rps at] 
> I'm very impressed so far, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Cisco setup, sure, but I'm pretty shocked at the level of functionality here and the ease of having APs use an off-site controller (they all phone home over TCP so no VPN or port forwarding is required).
The UniFi units are awesome. What they lack in terms of bells and
whistles they make up for with price and ease of setup. the 2.4GHz-only
units aren't great for areas with a high noise floor, but then again not
many 2.4GHz devices are.

> I feel like I'm at the risk for becoming a UBNT fanboy.  Does anyone have any qualified horror stories about EdgeMAX or UniFi?  Everything I've been able to find has been for nonsense configurations like complaining about trying to to OSPF over WiFi ... Who does that?
Biggest downside I can find is the use of non-standard PoE injectors for
the 2.4GHz-only units. At <$250 for a 3-pack, it's pretty easy to
overlook that. The dual band 802.11ac units (Broadcom based, most of the
other gear is Atheros based) don't feel as reliable as the other gear.
Gut feeling, not anything I can measure.

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