Weekly Routing Table Report

Routing Analysis Role Account cscora at apnic.net
Fri Nov 22 18:33:12 UTC 2013

This is an automated weekly mailing describing the state of the Internet
Routing Table as seen from APNIC's router in Japan.

The posting is sent to APOPS, NANOG, AfNOG, AusNOG, SANOG, PacNOG, LacNOG,
TRNOG, CaribNOG and the RIPE Routing Working Group.

Daily listings are sent to bgp-stats at lists.apnic.net

For historical data, please see http://thyme.rand.apnic.net.

If you have any comments please contact Philip Smith <pfsinoz at gmail.com>.

Routing Table Report   04:00 +10GMT Sat 23 Nov, 2013

Report Website:     http://thyme.rand.apnic.net
Detailed Analysis:  http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-APNIC

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-ARIN

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-RIPE

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-LACNIC

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet-AFRINIC

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-ASnet

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-CIDRnet

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-badAS

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-dsua

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-add-IANA

Complete listing at http://thyme.rand.apnic.net/current/data-sXXas-nos

End of report

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