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Tue Nov 19 22:26:21 UTC 2013

Check out their forums first.. Look for my name.. ;)

Ubnt has a cool price point.

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Did you check out ubiquiti's UniFi?


> On Nov 19, 2013, at 14:13, Glenn Robuck <techravingmad at> wrote:
> I'm curious if any of you guys have compared Meraki and Xirrus?  We are
> currently in the process of picking new WAPs and have narrowed it down to
> these too.  We are leaning towards Xirrus due to it's modular structure.
> It also has a great user interface.
> Anyone else evaluate Xirrus?
> On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Warren Bailey <
> wbailey at> wrote:
>> They give you a free ap for listening to their pitch.. We love them.
>> Expensive.. But responsive and responsible.. Which is pretty hard to find
>> in Wi-Fi land. Pretty interface and lots of little bells and whistles..
>> They have my vote from what we evaluated (ubnt, Blahblahblah).
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>> I started to look into them for personal and limited small business use,
>> but stopped short when I realized their cloud management platform is
>> subscription-based. Unless I've missed something, you cannot deploy your
>> own internal management platform. It's all licensed through Meraki/Cisco,
>> which means if you lose your Internet connection, you lose management
>> access to your gear. That could be a deal-killer in certain environments.
>> Maybe someone with more experience on the platform could correct me there.
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>> Hi folks,
>> I've traditionally been a Cisco Catalyst shop for my switching gear.
>> I am doing a significant hardware refresh in one of my offices, which will
>> entail replacing about 20 access switches and a couple core devices.
>> Pretty simple L3 VLAN environment with VRRP/HSRP, on the physical end I
>> have 1G fibre/copper and 10G fibre.  My core switch of choice will likely
>> be the Cat 4500 series.
>> I'm considering Cisco's Meraki platform for my access layer and I'm
>> looking for deployment stories of folks that have deployed Meraki in the
>> past...good/bad/ugly kinda stuff.
>> I know Meraki hardcores were upset when Cisco acquired them, but not
>> exactly sure why.
>> Anyway, any thoughts would be useful.  Thanks!
>> -Hank

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