NAT64 and matching identities

Justin M. Streiner streiner at
Mon Nov 18 20:06:52 UTC 2013

It's looking more and more like NAT64 will be in our future.  One of the 
valid concerns for NAT64 - much like NAT44 - is being able to determine 
the identity of a given user through the NAT at a given point in time.
How feasible this is depends on how robust/scalable $XYZ's translation 
logging capabilities are, and possibly how easily that data can be matched 
against a source of identify information, such as RADIUS accounting logs, 
DHCP lease logs, etc.

Other IPv6 transition mechanisms appear to be no less thorny than NAT64 
for a variety of reasons.

I'm curious to see how others are planning to tackle (or already have 
tacked) this issue.  Discussing vendor-specific solutions is fine, but I 
think keeping things as platform/vendor agnostic as possible for the time 
being would allow this thread to be more beneficial to a wider audience.

The floor is open...


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