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Jay Ashworth jra at
Sun Nov 17 01:56:15 UTC 2013

Maybe, but I don't use their proxies, I've overriden them for speed.  

Phil Bedard <bedard.phil at> wrote:
>On 11/16/13, 7:36 PM, "Jay Ashworth" <jra at> wrote:
>>> Second, a list of CDN nodes is likely impossible to gather &
>>> without the help of the CDNs themselves. There are literally
>>> of them, most do not serve the entire Internet, and they change
>>> frequently. And before you ask, I know at least Akamai will _not_
>>> you their list, so don't even try to ask them.
>>I find myself unsurprised.
>>I was led to a very interesting failure case involving CDN's a couple
>>ago, that I thought you might find amusing.
>>I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, with Sprint.  On a semi-regular basis, the
>>networking gets flaky around 1-2am ish local time, but 3 weekends ago,
>>the symptom I saw was DNS lookups failed -- and it wasn't clear to me
>>whether it was "just some lookups failed", or that Big Sites were
>>at the provider, and *all* outgoing 53 traffic to the greater internet
>>wasn't being forwarded by Sprint's customer resolvers.
>>I know that it was their resolvers, though, as I grabbed a copy of Set
>>and pointed my phone to, and, and OpenDNS, and like
>>and everything worked ok.
>>Except media.
>>(Patrick is starting to nod and chuckle, now :-)
>>Both YouTube and The Daily Show's apps worked ok, but refused to play
>>video clips for me.  If I reset the DNS to normal, I went back to "not
>>all sites are reachable, but media plays fine".
>>My diagnosis was that those sites were CDNed, and the DNS names to
>>they were CDNs were only visible inside Sprint's event horizon, so
>when I
>>was on alternate DNS resolution, I couldn't get to them.
>>But that took me over a day to figure out.  Don't get old.  :-)
>>Patrick?  Is that how (at least some) customers do it?
>It seems more likely the Sprint resolvers you were using were having
>difficulty reaching external authoratative servers but the devices they
>proxy all the media content through wasn't...  All major media content
>these days is CDN'd but I don't think that had anything to do with it.

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