Best band for your buck router and switch (gigabit)

Nick Cameo symack at
Sat Nov 16 23:17:47 UTC 2013

> Post Script: I just went to, and apparently they've been
> acquired by Brocade. The former content of their web site is gone, and
> as far as I can tell from the Brocade site
> (
> they *seem* to be calling the software solution the "Brocade Vyatta 5400
> vRouter". I assume this means their range of supported hardware devices
> may be done for. Luckily I kept an archive of all of their wonderful
> anti-cisco ads...

Too funny. This reminds me of an old experience I had when companies
where acquired and we were left out in the cold..... I think on
Monday, I will make the recommendation to purchase an IBM xServer 3250
M5 (comes 1 PCIe V3 x4 and x8), throw Quagga on there and call it a
day. It will have everything we need except for transcoding? Oh wait!
We can buy hardware transcoder line cards as well. The problem is
there are only two slots, and one I bet is reserved for some raid
controller or something like that...

As for the switch, is the 2960G have a proven track record?

Thanks for everyone's help :)

Nick from Toronto.

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