Best band for your buck router and switch (gigabit)

Nick Cameo symack at
Sat Nov 16 02:51:00 UTC 2013

On 11/15/13, Eric Tykwinski <eric-list at> wrote:
> Nick,
> It really depends on your deployment.  If you are looking at Cisco and doing
> BGP, I wouldn't go with a 3800 series.
> Memory constraints will kill you, especially in dual stack.
> If I was looking for an all in one on the cisco side of things, I'd look at
> a Catalyst 6500 series.  Battle tested with redundant power, supps, etc...
> If you are looking for cheap and don't mind learning a new OS.  MikroTik:
> Well used in SE Asia, and while I wouldn't use them for mission critical
> mainly due to lack of a good service contract, they do hold their own.
> Sincerely,
> Eric Tykwinski
> TrueNet, Inc.
> P: 610-429-8300
> F: 610-429-3222

Hello Eric,

Thank you so much for your response. The 6500 is what I was trained on
however, for this case we cannot afford the rackspace. We're building
highly efficient networks using mainly virtual machines and
fiberchannel backbone. I did however overlook the 1Gig limit of the

So basically build our own linux router using a stripped down version of gentoo?


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