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> From: "Michael Sinatra" <michael at rancid.berkeley.edu>

> >> Caveats:
> >
> > [ 17 pages of caveats elided ]
> I realize I am wordy, but four bullet points (one of which involves
> apparel) != "17 pages of caveats". Nice try. The rest of the email was
> inline replies to Justin's points.

We're not supposed to use emoticons on NANOG; it's unprofessional or
something.  :-)

> > So, the elephant in the room at this stage of the thing is this:
> >
> > Why don't you just *put this stuff in a building*, and, y'know,
> > never demolish it?
> Have you ever been involved in University space wars? Especially in a
> new building? The 9-layer OSI model gets pretty top-heavy when you
> factor that in. If anything, the caveats helped to keep others from
> wanting to use the space.

Nope.  But this isn't "space".  It's "equipment".  I assume they're
not moving their 1.5MW gensets around every year either?

> But I will say that the general difficulty of getting equipment in and
> out of the CEVs generally discouraged UCB from doing more CEVs beyond
> the 3 originals. That _one_ caveat weighed pretty heavily.

Yeah; cranes are a bitch.  :-)

You seem to be taking this awfully personally, though, Mike; did you
*set* the policies and procedures I'm scoffing at? 

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