Automatic abuse reports

Sam Moats sam at
Wed Nov 13 10:51:12 UTC 2013

There are good guys out there :-), and some are gorilla sized thats why 
obfuscated the names in my response. No offense intended to the goood 
Sam Moats

On 2013-11-13 05:48, Paul Bennett wrote:
> I can't speak directly for them, as I'm not an official company
> spokesperson, but this conversation has got my dander up enough that 
> I
> can't keep my big mouth shut.
> I know of at least one 500 pound gorilla (with zillions of retail
> customers, and their share of 500 pound gorillas as customers (and
> everything in between)) that has a working and effective [email protected]
> address, one that can and does aggregate and pass on abuse 
> complaints,
> and that can and does suspend service over failure to fix. On
> occasion, I understand even significant customers have been not just
> suspended but terminated over failure to follow the ToS/AUP.
> The company in question accepts abuse complaints in ARF, MARF, X-ARF
> and IODEF format, among others, and (I cannot emphasize this enough)
> does act on them.
> Anyone who suggests roundfiling [email protected] complaints is (IMNSHO) 
> actively
> working to make the problem worse, not better. Anyone who thinks that
> all networks do roundfile [email protected] complaints would seem to be making 
> an
> over-generalization.
> Note, once again, that these are my opinions, and not my employers',
> so much so that I can't even tell you directly who my employer is. 
> Not
> that it's hard to find out, but I'm so very much not speaking in an
> official capacity here.
> --
> Paul

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