Level3 and AT&T Latency

J.J. Mc Kenna JMcKenna at intelletrace.com
Wed Nov 6 22:51:08 UTC 2013

Comcast to XO due to Comcast's TATA peering issue.



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As a matter of pure competitive intelligence gathering (i.e. I do not mean this as a rhetorical question), which providers list peering issues on their portal?  Particularly when they might be a bit more of an ongoing nature vs. a concrete outage?


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Unfortunately, many issues don't appear (deliberately?) as network events on their portal.


Jason Baugher wrote on 6/11/2013 06:46:
> For what it's worth, Level3 finally told us they had a peering issue
> with AT&T. They ended up re-routing traffic for the time being until
> they identify the issue.
> Of course, for some reason a peering issue doesn't warrant a Network
> Event on their portal...
> On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM, David Siegrist <David at crmls.org> wrote:
>> I know we have been dealing with a Level 3, OC192 Fiber cut in PHX today.
>> They just got it spliced back up.  Not sure if it is related to your
>> latency.
>> David
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>> From: Eric Williams [mailto:ewilliams at connectria.com]
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>> Subject: Level3 and AT&T Latency
>> Is anybody else seeing or having major latency between Level 3 and
>> AT&T today?  We are multi-homed with Level 3 being one of our ISP's
>> and had to divert traffic after seeing these issues.
>> http://www.internetpulse.net/
>> Eric

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