Do you obfuscate email headers when reporting spam issues to clients?

Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. amitchell at
Wed Nov 6 22:46:52 UTC 2013

> so aside from the abusers his customers will tend to
> be heavy on single-recipient administrative emails rather than mailing
> lists.

Then, if they are truly one-to-one administrative emails, that's rather odd if they are generating a disproportionate number of spam complaints, dontcha think?  Unless they are inserting too much marketing into to them (always dicey).

>> Failure to do so can (and usually does)
>> result in termination of their accreditation
> Accreditation of what?

I'll respond more fully to this offlist, as it's OT, but the short answer is that we accredit email senders who are adhering to best practices (not unlike ReturnPath, only we're the other white meat).


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